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    An online marketing engine can be a sustainable competitive advantage for your business. But, it takes a constant attention to many things — it can be like herding cats! Stephdokin is a data-driven, customer-focused online marketing agency that works as a partner with your team. We create impactful strategic go-to-market plans and accelerate online execution with our monthly bundled services. By getting “under the hood,” we drive real business results by tracking and using data. There's soooo much more to online marketing than glossy pictures on a website. If you need to take your online marketing to the next level, we can be your #CMO4Hire. Let’s get started.

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    From our Digital Brand Audit to Competive Benchmarking to Google AdWords Review to our Brand-On-A-Page, our consultancy will provide a strategic approach that will get your company on the right digital track.



    We provide a wide array of digital marketing services; from SEO Inbound Publishing to PPC Online Advertising to Web Design. Whatever you need us to do to accelerate business results. We work as an extension of your internal team.

    The average % increase in our clients' online success from last year

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    +% Overall Website Traffic


    +% Social Media Traffic


    +% SEO Organic Search Traffic


    +% SEO Technical Rank


    -% delta in Bounce Rate


    +% Lead Conversion

    The Digital Brand Sales Funnel

    From Strategy to Execution -- Always Optimizing!

    The Digital Brand Sales Funnel

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    "The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search."

    If you have a business, you need to make sure your business is relevant to search results.

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    1. umbrella, wind, rain, hack,

      Arghhhhhhh. After the 3rd customer website infected this year with a virus / hack, I’m seriously thinking of making our security service (http://security.stephdokin.com) mandatory as part of our bundled monthly offering for businesses. Yes, it costs a bit more every month … not unlike insurance. But, the downside risk is […]

    2. Lord of the Rings Gollum Can't hear don't want to hear Stephdokin B2B marketing

      Most of our clients are B2B (Business-to-Business) companies. We find there are lots of online marketing truths and half-truths that make executives scratch their head and say “Hmmmm … ” The business of marketing in B2B industries has changed significantly in the past few years. You don’t really sell to a […]

    3. Pagespeeds insights google horseshoe horse shit poo tool online road crap stephdokin digital

      First of all, let’s get this out of the way. We’re Google fan-boys and girls here at Stephdokin. Google does amazing things with data. But when data stinks, you have to call it what it is. According to Google, PageSpeed Insights is a “tool that helps developers optimize their web pages by […]

    4. Microsoft 10 Launch Stephdokin mobile desktop tablet surface pro 3 ipad apple linux android

      As digital marketers, we LOVE it when new technology and platforms are launched. It creates change. Change creates opportunity. From product innovation and development to product positioning, brand messaging and marketing campaigns. Zig Zag Change allows us to help our clients zig when competitors are still zagging. So pay attention to […]

    Yes, we also do website development.

      Civic Recycling website online development graphics stephdokin Stephen King.com

      • Have technical compliance with Google & Bing properties
      • Highlight good, clear calls to action — “Where’s the buy button?”
      • Include vibrant ongoing content (e.g. blog posts) with SEO optimization and appropriate keywords
      • Leverage existing development themes, templates, frameworks and tools to reduce development costs and accelerate website delivery
      • Integrate easily with 3rd party tools
      • Have a natural responsive architecture that offers a good UX user experience on all devices important to your customers
      • Tell an honest story about your business that your customers want to hear
      • Include value selling brand messaging “You vs. We”

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