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Most of our clients are B2B (Business-to-Business) companies. We find there are lots of online marketing truths and half-truths that make executives scratch their head and say “Hmmmm … ”

The business of marketing in B2B industries has changed significantly in the past few years. You don’t really sell to a business do you? You sell to people. Here’s some food for thought:

  1. Marketing is a journey, not a destination. You are never done.
  2. You can’t fool people at all, not even some of the time.
  3. Marketing is a marathon; you can’t go at it like a hamster in a cage.
  4. A single marketing campaign is useless. Multiple campaigns that work together for multiple impressions is gold. Multiple campaigns that work across your online efforts and physical efforts like trade shows is heaven.
  5. The web is visual. Is your brand? How many of your images appear in Google image search for your related terms? Do you even video, bro?
  6. Trust takes forever to gain and a second to lose.
  7. 80% of the marketers can take you 80% of the way. The last 20% is what counts though.
  8. Do not enlist your 17-year nephew for your social media marketing because “he is good at Facebook.”
  9. Your website needs to be re-created every 18 months to 2 years. Content needs to changed and added frequently. You need to be consistent.
  10. Your B2B marketing messages about “Saves Time” and “Saves Money” suck. How much time? How much money? Why should the prospect believe you?
  11. If you build it, they won’t come. Your new wesbite must be accompanied by a good traffic strategy and lead conversion tactics.
  12. If your web company doesn’t help you use data in day-to-day operations, then you’ve got the wrong web company.
  13. Your Google presence must be constantly maintained because Google is constantly changing.
  14. The technical proficiency of your website and what’s “under the hood” is every bit as important as the words, colours and graphics that are visible, probably moreso.
  15. There is a 40% chance your website will get hacked or infected with a virus.
  16. Your call-to-action must be more than “Contact Us”
  17. Somewhere, someone is in a garage starting a company that’s going to steal your customers.
  18. B2B customers are more sophisticated than ever and their needs are changing fast. Is your marketing?
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