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A digital strategy is more than just creating a website. For marketing and sales purposes, a website needs to do two things really well.

1) Draw traffic to itself with compelling content that’s so awesome (and relevant to your target prospects) that people will share it and Google will recognize it as authoritative so you rank high on SEO results. I categorize the factors that make compelling content into four areas: relevancy of content, technical proficiency, search keyword proficiency, and social reach.

2) Convert traffic to an ongoing relationship (newsletter sign-up, social follow / like, sales lead, sales close). Otherwise known as “engaging the visitor,” I frequently ask my clients “Where’s the Buy button?”

I know there’s LOTS more nuts and bolts to it — hopefully if you keep these two primary goals in mind, it’ll make it easy to understand what to spend your time and $$$ on when revamping your web presence.

‘Nuff said.
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