Acquire new customers, retain existing ones and increase $$$ per customer. Does this sound like magic? It’s not. It’s science — predictive analytics to be exact.

With two new partner announcements from the U.K. and Australia, Dr. Bob’s new book “TCE” that outlines the scientific approach that our technology at TCELab supports and good progress on our CLAP (Customer Loyalty Analytics Platform) architecture, TCELab is rocking it. And, we’re ready to rock it for you.

Click here to find out more about the CRD on the TCELab site.

TCELab is a global leader in applying predictive analytics to customer loyalty and big data. The CRD is one of several survey, audit, and linkage  analysis services TCELab offers. Ultimately, it’s about truly UNDERSTANDING your big data … and having trust in what it’s telling you. The 4th “V” of Big Data … Veracity.

Like all of our offerings, the CRD survey incorporates measuring satisfaction with the RAPID Customer Loyalty framework approach to customer satisfaction surveys. With this customer survey data, we correlate  existing big data (CRM, Salesforce, user demographic information, operational measurements, etc…) to provide strategic insights as to where you need to spend your team’s time and $$$ to accelerate your business growth.

For those just getting into customer experience management, the annual CRD is a GREAT place to begin. For those customers with larger client-bases, we also provide ongoing weekly or monthly measurements and reporting.

If you’re ready to dig in, we’d like to help out a bit — mention the hash tag #iwantmycrd, and you’ll receive 20% off the purchase price.

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