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9 Ways to Screw up mobile QR Codes at Trades Shows [Infographic]

1 March 2012

I had the special treat of going with my niece and her 9 lady entourage to a local Wedding trade show. Needless to say, between the tiny tastes of chocolate and the runway models, I had some time on my hands — so I got to thinking about the trade show industry, and how mobile technology is surely, and slowly, creeping into the sales process. It can be a missed opportunity. My guess was that 99% of the brides and grooms had smartphones, yet less than 10% of the booths sported a mobile QR code! For those that didn’t have a QR code anywhere in their booth, it was a wasted opportunity to engage potential clients and persist the relationship beyond the trade show —  For those that had a QR code … well, some of them had very engaging offers. Others? FAIL.

Enjoy my quick look at “9 Ways To Screw Up QR Codes at Trade Shows [Infographic]” — hope it helps for your next face-to-face event.

Click the graphic below or click here to get a hi res PNG version.