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A100 Annual Report Points to Vibrant Alberta Tech Ecosystem

11 March 2013

A100 Alberta 2012 Annual Report tech community

At the A100 AGM last week, we had a chance to take stock in the progress made in the local Alberta tech community. The A100 ( is “a collective of Alberta’s successful tech executives and entrepreneurs.” Everyone in the association has been involved in some type of business exit and are dedicated to helping Alberta’s next generation of tech startups thrive globally. We are 58 members in total — 18 in Edmonton and 40 in Calgary.

Click here to download the A100 2012 Annual Report (PDF).

As one of the proud co-founders of the A100, I continue to be amazed at the stories of those in the association — good world class stories building world class companies across a number of technology industries; tech, nano, bio, construction, oil & gas, medical; u name it and there’s an Alberta success story that’s related to it!

The funny thing is, with all the talk about Alberta’s latest deficit, and the need to diversify our economy — it’s already happening. But, we need  more public exposure, more people to hear about the stories of the next generation of up and comers, and the associations and community that’s burgeoning in Alberta.

Two years have passed since we founded the A100 association here in Alberta and we’re happy to have had an impact across the community — from early stage startups with Startup Calgary / Edmonton, AccleratorYYC and Assembly to Angel investing and VCAA (Venture Capital Association of Alberta) — and bringing it together by supporting events like AccelerateAB and Launch. The executive team put together our A100 Annual Report, and as part of our desire to be transparent, we’re pleased to offer it for download.

The A100 also helps with the $10M Accelerate fund that is managed by AVAC Ltd. — this report has an update on it’s progress.