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Bruce Lee Teaches a Content Marketer a Lesson [video]

26 May 2014

WHACK! Feel that on the back of your head? That’s Bruce Lee teaching you a lesson about content.

“Emotional Content,” Bruce laments, in this outstanding video clip of a bygone era that foreshadowed the day of disingenuous content marketers, who are so concerned with quantity and coffee breaks that they miss the point.

“It’s not an exhibition,” says Bruce, after the half-interested content marketer half-heartedly makes an attempt.

“Try again. With meaning!”

“That’s it!” “How did it feel to you?”

The pensive young content marketer ponders for a second. “Let me think…”

“Don’t think! Feeeeeeel … ” Bruce impresses on the youngster.

What can a content marketer take away from this? Write content that’s important … that connects with your audience … that’s honest and tells a good story. Oh, and get it technically correct too. When heart meets the mind, the Great Google will reward you with page 1 rankings.

Bruce Lee knew about this 40 years ago. That’s why he’s the master and we’re all grasshoppers.

At the end of the clip, Bruce shares his most poignant point. But, I’ll let him tell you that. Enjoy the 1:46 minutes from the movie “Enter The Dragon.”
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