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Commercialization Challenges of Mobile Software Development in an Exponentially Fragmented Ecosystem

7 December 2016
Commercial Challenges of Mobile Software Development in a fragmented mobile ecosystem

Part 3 of the “Fragmented Mobile Ecosystem” series

Over the last 7 years, the pace of change has been exponentially increasing, and we’ve shifted from early mobile platform wars to mobile dominance by iPhone and Android, to the explosion of IoT (internet of things) and the exponential impact of multiple disruptive technologies.

This deck is part 3 of a series of slideshares in my attempt to make some sense of it. Presented at Mobile Monday (Calgary), This 2017 version focuses on the journey of an entrepreneur, the state of mobile development today, where are we at (and going) and the journey of pivoting a young startup as iPhone and Android stunned the mobile world in Fall 2008. Presented at Mobile Monday Calgary #30, it also includes some advice for entrants in the technology field… and lastly it covers some resources that are available; developers networks, public funding and grants, Mobile Monday global. Includes:

  1. The Magic Of Hope
  2. The Reality Of Revenue
  3. The Winds Of Change
  4. The Power Of People

In the second 2nd deck in 2012, I update for  enterprise mobile software development.

How is the fragmented mobile ecosystem affecting mobile enterprise development? Enterprises are shifting billions of dollars to adopt mobile processes into the internal, customer and partner relationships.

In the first deck of 2009, I looked at the early mobile platform wars
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