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how you “appear online” and quantifying it for business management purposes is the first step of a journey in web excellence. The Digital Brand Audit creates a starting “Point A” framework that gives all stakeholders common ground for discussion and decisions as to what “Point B” is for your online properties and how to get there.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough leads from online presence or your online brand is not representing the same quality and breadth as your physical brand, then you’ve come to the right place.

Digital Brand Audit

As an independent 3rd party audit, to provide as fresh a report as possible, we do reviews from an outside perspective. These reviews are done with just a rudimentary knowledge of your specific business strategy and goals, and without looking or knowing anything about the mechanics of current online marketing efforts. In this manner, we define the difference between what you “intent” is, and what the digital brand ACTUALLY  is.

We’ll measure your performance and provide real-world tactics you can improve immediately and integrate into a longer term strategy.

With your Digital Brand Audit, we can touch on many things, depending on the needs of your business. We could review your:

  • Website performance (traffic, conversions, behavior, acqusition, conversions)
  • Google performance
  • Social (Reach, Quality, Consistency, Frequency, Traffic)
  • SEO content excellence
  • SEO technical excellence
  • Mobile experience
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Sales channels (online, internal sale steam, external sales team, retail, etc…)
  • Total SEO Opportunity available, your current share and a roadmap to improve
  • We’ll can also look to see if your brand messaging aligns with your product and service value proposition in addition to your positioning in the marketplace.

What do you get in a Brand Audit?

A digital brand marketing framework, KPI metrics and strategy roadmap

The purpose of a Brand Audit is to put together a framework to define the “From” –> “To” picture. Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How do you get there?

Each framework for each Digital Brand audit is similar, but with context to both the needs of the corporation as well as the industry. It’s a look at the team,technology, measurements and processes that will enable the journey.

In the audit, we’ll recommend a digital brand roadmap. We’ll also measure your performance and help you define the KPI (key performance indicator) metrics you’ll use on your digital and social dashboards (operational and management).

Our Customers

We’re pleased to list these fine companies amongst our clients.

Digital Brand Dashboard

We also offer a Digital Brand Dashboard service. Both management and operational dashboards updated daily/weekly/monthly and accessible on all devices, including a version for the big wide screen monitor in the cafeteria. This will help you, your team and your employees keep their hands on the pulse of your online brand from social media and PPC success all the way to leads and closing sales.

Digital Brand Publishing

We’re happy to participate on the implementation of your internal digital publishing team. Either as a digital expert at weekly team meetings as part of an internal team, or with ongoing implementation and content generation / distribution. Stephdokin has a content publishing portal dedicated to this purpose.
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