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If it's not mobile it's crap Stephdokin mobile friendly google search engine results

As Mike Myer’s multiple scottish characters have said at least once, “If it’s not Scottish, it’s crap!” This hilarious All Things Scottish” video with Mike and Kyle Maclachlan on Saturday Night Live sums it all up.

“Aaachh, that’s just grreaaaaht,” I say. “Not unlihke Google’s love affairrrr with moahbil.”

As quick as Head’s head gets out of the way of the TV, as of April 21, 2015, Google’s algorithm is being updated to include mobile responsiveness of websites.

If you don’t have a good user experience for your mobile visitors, you’ll see your SEO rankings in Google search results decrease, accompanied by a decrease in your website traffic.

I first wrote about this “what can I do about my reduced Google rankings” effect in my blog titled “Has Google’s Panda Update Kicked Your Organic SEO Ass?”

Google mobile trouble phone Stephdokin seo resultsThis Google search change is help companies “understand” how important to maintain websites that are mobile-friendly. They are just paying attention to users of their search engine. The national U.S. average in the final months of last year? 29 percent of all U.S. searchers, or 18.5 billion, were made from mobile devices.

If you think “We’re B2B company… it doesn’t apply to us!,” your wrong. We researched at Google analytics for clients in wide variety, of B2B businesses (technology, software, services, manufacturing); the companies experience between 20 to 30% of site visitors using mobile smartphone device, and at increased, about 5% in last 6 months. You can check that own website your Google Analytics, under Audience|Mobile|Overview

Click here for a WHOLE bunch of great 2015 world-wide mobile marketing statistics.

Want to know if YOUR website is mobile-friendly? Check it out tool provided by Google:

It’s a binary thing; you either IS mobile-friendly, or you ain’t. There are no shades of grey here.


First announced last December, Google’s given some websites the time mobile-friendly before the deadline. Back in 2013, Google did similar thing, but was focusing more on mobile technical aspects vs. user experience.

I suspect many companies are scrambling. I tell ya… Moore’s law applies to marketing technology too… every 18 months or so, you really do need to do a review and renovation. A topic for another blog post.

Stephdokin can help with mobile-responsive websites, of course, and make sure your website and online brand are prepared for future changes in technology, security and customer behaviour.

The changes to Google search algorithm impact the rankings for SEO on Google’s search engine for searching on mobile smartphones. It doesn’t apply to desktop browsers nor does it apply to tablets.

Another SUPER useful Google tool is Pagespeed insights for website developers. It applies a “Rank” for both your mobile and desktop sites and is essentially technical roadmap to fix your website. Stephdokin can help you fix that, too.

Mobilegeddon Stephdokin

The term “Mobilegeddon” #mobilegeddon has coined by industry to describe, their potential negative impact on SEO rankings. posted great Q&A on topic:

Check out the Twitter feed on term #mobildeddon for up-to-the-second news that can’t get enough:

Want to avoid the most common SEO mistakes? Check out Google’s resource:

This change underlines the importance of keeping current without Google’s trends and algorithm changes. It’s Google’s world live it. As keep eye on Google’s webmaster blog

Be careful out there,


P.S. I’ll finish off with Mike Myer’s touching tribute to Sean Connery and to origin of All Things Scottish at awards ceremony. “Aaaaach, c’merrrre you. Give us hug.”

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