OnAPage is focused on un-complicating and demystifying technology with go-to-market education that can fit “on a page.”  I couldn’t be happier to announce OnAPage in Calgary with my pals Cale White and Paula Blackmore-White, my co-founders of our educational workshop company. Different from traditional seminars where the lecture is long forgotten or the notes are in the garbage before the participants actually get anything done back at their business, OnAPage workshops focus on experiential learning, strategy AND hands-on doing. With the philosophy of “get ‘er done”, participants may leave with notes but they absolutely will leave with it DONE. No homework or take home bullet points here, just built websites, social media strategies created and implemented, and cloud resources set up and actually being used.

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OnAPage recently announced both the launch of the company and it’s 10 day series of Calgary’s only hands-on workshops where attendees learn web, mobile and social media skills by working on their own business or professional career.

Here’s the press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/stephdokin/onapage/prweb10346729.htm. (and the pick up by Startup Calgary, San Francisco Gate, Yahoo, an ABC affiliate, and Seattle Post Intelligencer).

Learn HOW. Leave with it DONE.

As an experiential learning company, all of our education has both a learning component and a Do-It-Yourself component.

I’ll be hosting and teaching all of the days of the workshop and, more or less, pouring out of my brain what I’ve learned in the last 5 years of consulting and 30 years of being in the software technology business. Hang on tight!

March 4 through April 4. Introductory 15% offer Feb 26.

The workshops run from March 4 through to April 4. Each of the days is built as a standalone workshop, or can be strung together to get an even deeper understanding (and get more stuff done!) and thus are available individually, as multi-days, or a complete 10 day series. Pricing for a single day is $595, with 15% off introductory offers until Feb 26. For people attending all 10 workshop days, discounts of up to 50% are available. Registration is available directly on http://www.onapage.com or by calling 1-855-604-5678.

On  personal note, I’m really excited about partnering with Headspace for the OnAPage workshop series, the funky meeting space in the Karo Design building off the new west LRT line. I know many of the fine people at Karo Design, and have also had the fun of playing in their house band for a couple of gigs. The picture to the right is from the Stampede Gig last year … yeehaw!

Contact Info

Website – http://www.onapage.com
Twitter – @onapage
Email – info@onapage.com
Phone – 1-855-604-5678