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SaaS Companies: Use Science to Create Brand Fans and Accelerate Growth [Video]

6 December 2012
Stephdokin Digital Brand Sales Funnel Marketing Stephen King TCELab RAPID Customer Loyalty

The CRD Voice of Customer key driver analysis survey product from TCELab helps your SaaS company both accelerate business and focus resources. TCELab is standing at the cross roads of Big Data and Customer Loyalty. The CRD (with key driver analysis) and it’s brother, “Linkage Analysis” are both part of the predictive analytics required to use customer data to as the key to “crossing the chasm” for technology firms, especially SaaS (Software as a Service). One of our 9 products, the CRD: Customer Relationship Diagnostic is a Voice of Customer (VOC) survey that measures 3 dimensions of Customer Loyalty to determine the key drivers that create brand fans & drives growth. The CRD is particularly well to SaaS Software companies due to the monthly nature of the customer loyalty battle.

We get asked about the CRD so much, and the web pages, infosheets and .PDFs don’t seem to tell the whole story. I thought to myself, when Dr. Bob and I talk to someone about it, everyone gets excited about the opportunity. SOOooo, we decided to put this video together:

 It’s rather lengthy, clocking in at just over 13 minutes — but to really give the necessary background for clients asking us about the process, it’s just about right.

To help you zone in on the info you really want, in the description of the video on YouTube, there’s a clickable index of the various sections. I repeat them after the video:

1:15 Your Typical Saas Management Team and Problem Statement
3:01 TCELab Product and Service Overview
3:34 ABC’s of the SaaS Sales Funnel
5:07 Three ways companies make money
5:54 RAPID Customer Loyalty in the SaaS Sales Funnel
6:41 What you get: Four main elements of a CRD Customer Survey
7:37 Explanation of Key Driver Analysis; The magic sauce of the CRD study
9:20 An Example of CRD Survey Data Key Driver Chart
10:30 The 6-step process of a CRD takes three months

With 4 main sections in the analysis, the CRD is used by Fortune 5000 rms to integrate into C-Suite dashboards and strategic decisions leading to accelerated revenue growth. We do this with science.

CRD Voice of Customer Survey with RAPID on the SaaS Sales Funnel

Enjoy the video. Looking forward to helping you out.
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