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We are all aware of what is going on in the oil and gas industry and how it is has the ability to affect almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Through every struggle we find opportunity.

As the Calgary Herald reported last week:

The theme of next week’s Global Petroleum Show couldn’t be more appropriate given the uncertainty clouding the energy sector.

“Reimagine. Reinvent. Reposition.”

“We see that as an important tag line for the industry as it goes through this fluctuation,” said Wes Scott, executive vice-president with dmg::events, organizers of GPS, which runs Tuesday to Thursday at Stampede Park.

Calgary Herald

The Dynamics Of Competition in a Fixed Price industry like Oil & Gas

The price of oil & gas dictates the size of the revenue opportunity now available. It’s easy to grow a company when the total size of the pie is growing; all you have to do is keep up market share, or even lose a bit of market share and still find revenue growth because of increasing prices.

“With the changes in the energy industry here we expect to have numbers slightly behind.”
Calgary Herald

I know there are lots of nuances and opinions, but the following is what we’ve summarized based on our own experience with our oil/gas & technology clients. Companies that are positioned to get a bigger piece of the pie seem to have these differentiating factors:

  • Operational IT Differentiation
  • Technology Differentiation
  • Branding Positioning
  • Online Marketing Performance

I believe these factors influence decisions and revenue opportunity for companies at all points of the supply chain.

When the pie is shrinking, you need to get a bigger piece of the pie

The Digital Oilfield

The “Digital Oilfield” is as much about adopting technology, software and tools as it is about online digital branding efficiency. You need to steal business from the competitors; you need to eat their pieces of the pie. The digital online change that global Oil & Gas business will experience in the next 10 years will be the same that’s already happened to many industries … more business done through online marketing & sales channels.

It’s already happening, although many companies don’t even know it yet — boiled frogs.

From every struggle we find opportunity.


Global Petroleum Show is Big

The Global Petroleum Show hosted here in Calgary is a way to celebrate achievements and all that this incredible industry has to offer the world!

This year’s show will showcase a variety of exhibits, contests, conferences and plenty of networking events including the International Attendee Open House, GPS Professional Bull Riders Invitational and the Energy Leaders Breakfast!

With 2,000 exhibitors 63,000+ registered attendees, 100 countries and 700,000+ net square feet, this years GPS will showcase products and services from the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors for potential customers.


Doghouse Entrepreneur Pitch Competition

Companies looking to discover innovation for their companies need look no further than the Doghouse Pitch Competition at the Global Petroleum Show.

Click here for the official schedule for the Doghouse Entrepreneur Pitch Competition.

The total 3 day competition will give 16 entrepreneurs a chance to present their ideas in front of thousands of prospective customers in a Dragon’s Den-style pitch fashion.

Our very own Stephen King will be a judge on Wednesday June 10th from 11:30am-1:00pm.

I’m looking for companies who do a great job of telling me the customer value proposition. How does the customer benefit? Can they save money? Save time? Make more money? How much? Followed by why the customer should trust you.  THEN, tell me about your unique product features.
– Stephen King, President, Stephdokin.com, The Digital Brand Agency

The finalists who will be competing are: Carbon Upcycling Technologies, WasteFiXX Remediation Inc., Zayfti, Dynasonic Nano-Emulsion Breaking, Oso Consulting Inc., Covosoft, Calaeris Energy & Environment LTD., Stream Systems, Competition Well services Ltd., C-mach, Jupiter Hydro Inc., Maralto Heat, RigER, Intelligent Spools, New Age Compression Ltd., and Oplii.

This event will be running June 9th, 2015 from 12:00 pm – June 11, 2015 1:00 pm.

Some other exciting events to check out

  • The International Energy Capital Forum: Analyzing the current market situation in relation to production costs and oil prices in order to get the most business growth for companies in 2015. This event will run Wednesday June 10th, 2015 from 10:30am-5:00pm.
  • The 2015 SPE Canada Heavy Oil Technical Conference: Covering the latest and most current technologies, processes and best practices related to the exploration and production of heavy oil in the region.

Check out http://globalpetroleumshow.com for more event details and information! References from http://globalpetroleumshow.com