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The One Critical Element of How Inbound Marketing Works for B2B Companies [Infographic]

12 August 2013

As y’all know, I’m a big fan of inbound marketing as it’s a cornerstone of a digital brand. When talking to B2B businesses, I find them hesitant to shift gears as they ponder the untold fortunes if they hit the center of the inbound marketing target.

Many have started with social media, but aren’t getting the results they’re looking for because they are missing the key component of the total content publishing strategy.

The one critical element of content publishing? Drive traffic to your website. To do this, you gotta get a blog, and drive ALL content through it.

For example, your next Youtube video? Post a blog with the video imbedded in it and then use the blog post URL in your social media channels / conversations. If you simply post your Youtube URL on Facebook (for example), you’ll drive traffic to Youtube, and while that may help your “branding”, it does not expose the viewers to the offers on your website. In my estimation, this is far more important for B2B companies to consider than B2C.

Below is an [Infographic] from Visually that  illustrates that driving principal of inbound marketing.

From a B2B perspective, the two sales guys at the top are really one guy, unfortunately (and there are days where you bounce between the two on an hourly basis!). A successful B2B go-to-market strategy includes old-school, outbound and inbound marketing tactics, and a lot of outbound marketing still works very nicely in the B2B world, thank you very much, such as email newsletters and pay-per-click campaigns. Even old-school marketing works, like events and seminar tours, if you manage the cross-channel marketing correctly and integrate the live events as content for your digital brand inbound marketing (pictures, tweets, videos, announcements, etc…).

Ultimately, you want your prospective customers to engage with you at some level, leading them towards becoming a lead and eventually, a client.

And, of course, measure, measure, measure. It’s the only way you know that you’ve optimized your marketing spend. Enjoy!

How Inbound Marketing Works

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