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The cheese in the maze has been moved. Hell, some CMO types aren’t even in the right maze anymore. These 7 questions should net you a CMO that has some mojo. CMO’s these days need a more diverse set of skills than five years ago. CMO’s need to be able to set smart strategic direction that includes social, mobile, content and digital expansion of their marketing teams. While at the same time, reduce internal costs and use more technical and marketing automation.

In my consulting, I’ve been helping companies create social and digital go-to-market strategies and then putting together teams to reflect the tactical execution of the strategies. As we start building and recruiting great teams around customer centric, data driven leadership, I thought … “what would I ask a CMO if I was hiring them?”

Not all CMO’s are created equal.

The New World Order means a lot more hands-on work in the cloud, social, and mobile. Those that have an IT background combined with branding and marketing experience are having a good impact in Fortune 5000’s. That’s whom you need for your CMO.

Hope these elicit some response … would LOVE to hear what you guys think.

  1. How big is your Twitter following? How big is it relative to the number you are following?
  2. Can I read your blog?
  3. What apps are on your smartphone?
  4. When was the last time you personally created and ran a MailChimp (or similar) campaign? What was the data for impressions, opens and click-throughs? What were your insights?
  5. What is the language the following code is written in, and what does it do? <p><a href= target=”_blank”><strong>Big Data</strong> and Customer Experience Managament</a> Serving Fortune 5000</p>. Now, add a UTM tracking code.
  6. Give an example of how you’ve measured and acted on customer satisfaction / customer loyalty
  7. Give an example of a corporate strategy you’ve done; based on customer, industry, and data insights

Are these the right seven?

(with thanks to Aaron Kroontje @aaroncrunch for adding some excellent points)